Chris Fraser Celebrates 20+ Years of Community Supported Living

On January 8, 1994 Chris Fraser moved into his first apartment in Cedarburg.  A few months later he moved into his current apartment in Port Washington and has lived on his own ever since.

At the time some were skeptical about whether this arrangement could work. But with Chris’ determination, support from Balance, Inc. and his community his dream became reality. Chris is an involved member of his community, congregation and is an inspiration to many.

Hear Chris’ story (left) and discover how balancing support and independence improves the quality of life for others.

Our Mission

Image 1Balance, Inc. is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities.

We provide services to individuals that promote and respond to their personal goals, desires, needs and dreams. We strive to empower each individual in determining the direction of his or her life.

Our services enhance the communities’ capacity to understand and embrace persons with developmental disabilities. We are committed to provide services that maximize individual potential, while acting as prudent stewards of our resources.