Children’s Home-Based Program is funded through a waiver program with the Ozaukee County De-partment of Human Services. DHS contracts with Balance based on our resources and expertise to provide services to identified children. Balance provides the trained and experience staff that meet the DHS criteria. Balance will meet with children in their homes to work on individualized goals and skills. The entire family of the child is of the utmost importance in the child’s program. Staff are entering into their home. Staff from Balance will also get to know each member of the family to better connect with the participant. Each child will have an individualized plan of specific goals that will be worked on. Some goals may be long term while some may not. When goals are achieved and the child is successful, those successes are celebrated. Goals are regularly evaluated and prioritized with the family and the team. Staff work with families to set up times to meet with the child, usually in their homes after school for approximately 2-6 hours a week. Hours can vary depending on needs and goals.