Balance is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities.

We provide services to individuals which promote and respond to their personal goals, desires, needs and dreams. We strive to empower each individual in determining the direction of his or her life.

Our services enhance the communities’ capacity to understand and embrace persons with developmental disabilities. We are committed to provide services to maximize individual potential, while acting as prudent stewards of our resources.


All people with developmental disabilities will be fully included in the life of the community and will be supported in determining the direction of their own lives.

People with developmental disabilities will:

  • Live in their own homes with needed support services provided through unpaid and paid community resources including Balance.
  • Have meaningful friendships with people who are actively involved in their lives
  • Benefit from mutually supportive relationships which recognize the value of every person
  • Will have the opportunity to be productive, contributing members of every community

People in the community will:

  • Recognize the interdependence of people with disabilities and the community in which they live
  • Participate in meaningful ways in the lives of individuals with disabilities by choice as friends

Balance will be:

  • A resource for best practices in supporting individuals with developmental disabilities in inclusive community settings
  • An innovative developer of solutions for community inclusion
  • Recognized as a provider of support services that adapt to changes over a lifetime for those who we support