Summer Rec. 

Each summer during the month of July, Balance, Inc. provides a summer recreation program for children with developmental disabilities between the age of 5 and 15. This program pairs up each child with volunteers who spend each day going into the community for recreation activities such as swimming, visiting museums, zoos, nature parks and reserves, water parks, and much, much more.

The volunteers are primarily high school and college age students who devote 40 to 100 hours during the month to this program. Many students use this as a way to collect community service hours. Each summer more than 30 students volunteer to assist with the 24 children who participate in the program. Volunteers need to be at least 15 years old.

This program is funded through the Ozaukee County Human Services Department, the Ozaukee County ARC, the Cedarburg Junior Women’s Club and donations from individuals and local businesses.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please visit the Volunteer Opportunities page for an application.

General Volunteer Position

There are opportunities to become an important part of the life of those we support. We look for people interested in getting to know people with developmental disabilities in the community.

Volunteering is a benefit to the person receiving the support and has a profound impact on the volunteer. Volunteers can help with grocery shopping, transportation, helping to maintain someone’s home or even taking someone out for dinner. Balance could also use help with property management, office tasks, and other needs as they arise.

Board of Directors – Member

Responsibilities of Board Members

    • Be informed about the goals and activities of Balance, Inc.
    • Promote our Mission and services of Balance, Inc. whenever possible
    • Attend quarterly meetings and be involved in projects
    • Participate in appropriate committees and project
    • Review, recommend and set organization policies
    • Set goals and monitor progress in conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer
    • Review and approve annual budget and audit
    • Evaluate program effectiveness


      • Commitment to the Mission and philosophy of Balance, Inc.
      • Knowledge, interest, experience or skills in an area needed to create a well rounded board, including but not limited to a recognition of the gifts and needs of individuals with disabilities, legal, accounting, public relations, fund raising or education talents.
      • Commitment to active participation in board activities and special projects

Time Commitment

Four scheduled meetings of the board annually, including the annual meeting held during the 3rd quarter each year. Approximately 2 hours each. Additional time for committee participation or projects.

To Apply

      • Get the application
      • Fill it out and save it
      • Email the application, resume, and statement of interest to be sent directly to our Board President.