Pace Adult Day Program

Pace is a community based activity day program which has become an indispensable part of the lives of individuals who require a high level of support due to their disability. Pace supports individuals of varying and increased severity of disability. Pace clients require either 1:1 care, 2:1 care (2 clients with 1 staff), or a group of 4-5 individuals with a staff member. Pace’s model combines individualized plans and community integration at all levels. Click here to view or print the Pace Day Program Statement

The Pace Grafton remodeling project is complete. It included the creation of an Art and Music Activity Room, kitchen upgrades, improved sensory, task and program lighting, staff lockers and appropriate, accessible wheelchair storage, a new accessible changing room, a Sensory Room, individual participant work stations. You must truly see it soon to appreciate all the finish details, open concept, improved lighting, organization and storage and new artwork! Click here for a snapshot.

2020 was still a great year of Balance, friendship and joy!

The staff support provided through this program help individuals build daily living skills, participate in community activities and events, build and maintain physical health and contribute to the overall strength of the community through volunteerism and com-munity asset building.

Over 85% of a Pace client’s time is spent immersed in community participation.

At all Pace locations we offer exceptional care and provide daily opportunities for social growth and interaction.

A big part of the Balance mission is to give back to the community by providing our clients with extensive opportunities to volunteer at other non-profit organizations and churches. By donating their time, Pace clients are helping to solve shared problems, strengthen their community, make connections and improve the lives of others.