Who We Are

Balance began in 1991 serving two individuals with developmental disabilities who were at risk of being institutionalized. Now individuals and their families are being served in Ozaukee County. Our primary objective is to provide support to people in their homes, assist them in discovering and connecting with their community, and develop relationships to help enhance their lives.

We are a nonprofit organization (501(c)(3)) operated by a volunteer board of directors. This board is made up of community leaders, advocates for those with disabilities, professionals, family members of those with disabilities and people with disabilities who are receiving services. Our approach is to first get to know the individual — their abilities, dreams, and desires as well as their needs. Then we create services to support them in their specific area of need. We work to enhance the communities’ capacity to embrace those individuals and recognize them as full, valued, contributing members of the community. Balance is working to provide support and to help each person develop the quality lifestyle they desire and can achieve.