Peter Zak – Board Statement

We have a son with a unique and until recently unspecified genetic disorder. He is one of about 300 in the world. He is considered a spastic quadriplegic, non-verbal, and requires a feeding tube.

When he turned 18, we were introduced to the Balance Pace Day program. Pace provided our family with support, social activities within the community, and a quality of life that would have been difficult for us to achieve on our own.
The care and compassion provided by his care givers was more than impressive. To help support the mission of Balance we volunteered wherever possible. As a result, we have become close with many of the staff members and now consider Balance an extension of our family.
Our son has now transitioned to a Balance Adult Family home and continues to receive the quality of life care and community engagement which enrich his life and ours.

I was honored to be nominated and accepted to take a position on the Board of Directors in 2012. I believe that my position will add value to the Balance mission providing services to the special needs community, both individuals and family, a quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities, and a voice for those that cannot speak.