Board of Directors

Sylvan Leabman


I became involved with the Balance board after my retirement. Balance provides secure and safe homes for adults with developmental disabilities and true community integration for our clients and terrific programs for children with disabilities. This was my passion in my previous employment and Balance has provided me with an opportunity to continue working on this community priority.

I have friends and Co-workers who had been served by Balance. Their praise about the agency’s full commitment to its community integration mission made this a perfect fit for me to give back to the community.

Tarrah Beyer

Vice President

One of the hardest things about being a parent of not one, but two developmentally disabled children, is knowing you won’t always be there to ensure their safety and happiness. Balance was a way for me to provide peace of mind for other parents in my same situation. It’s also a way for me to help create joy and community for children even when they’re adults. Lastly, I take pride in working with an organization that gives back and supports the greater community. It shows that we all have something to give, no matter our abilities or financial status. Balance makes that possible for many of its employees and clients.

Mike Schulte


I joined the Balance Board because of the needs they serve within our local community which are often overlooked by other organizations. It’s a great place to give back!

Peter Zak


We have a son with a unique and until recently unspecified genetic disorder. He is one of about 300 in the world. He is considered a spastic quadriplegic, non-verbal, and requires a feeding tube.

When he turned 18, we were introduced to the Balance Pace Day program.  More

Deborah Anderson

Board Member

Dave Berousek

Board Member

Having spent my career in public service, I wanted to continue my public service in a different direction. By serving on the Balance Board I am able to help fulfill the special needs of this special community. Through Balance I enjoy working with and for adults with developmental disabilities.

Janice Berousek

Board Member

Initially I became involved with Balance as the parent of a developmentally disabled young adult. That was many years ago. Over the years, I have seen the wonderful gifts the people served by Balance have to offer. I have also come to appreciate the dedication of the management and staff at Balance. Serving on the Board is a way of supporting all of those people who make our community a better place.

Lanny Polansky

Board Member

I chose to support the Balance staff and leadership because of their unwavering and exceptional commitment to serving the needs of the community with challenges. Delivering a wonderful quality of life to their clients is my reward.

Jean Waller

Board Member