Please consider choosing an ornament from Balance’s Holiday Giving Tree, (located across from our Balance Day Program site 1350 14th Ave, Grafton, Wi 53024) and purchasing the requested item to donate to our Day or Children’s Programs.

And, as much as we’d love to personally accept your generous donation, and say “Thank You” to your face, due to COVID-19 we are not accepting any visitors into our Day Program or Adult Family Homes at this time.  So please call Leta at 262-977-4329, or email,, for an appointment for you to drop off, or to arrange for us to “porch pick up” your donation.

Please include your name and address on the ornament back so we can properly thank you!  And, if you’re shopping from the Wish List, please call as soon as you’ve made your purchase so we can cross it off the list!

If you have any questions, please e-mail Leta at

Balance Day Program ~ 2020:

Wii Sports game (new or “gently” used)

Book Binding machine (many varieties available on AmazonSmile, $60 range)

AM/FM radio with CD player

Washable markers, Crayons, Gel pens

Acrylic paints ~ various colors, we use lots!

Art Kits


UNO card game

5 or 6 ~ 100 piece jigsaw puzzles

2 or 3 large cookie sheets

1 large beach ball

Sorting and/or Shape Sorting activities (colorful but not “baby” type please!)

Raised Garden Bed  OR  $300 Home Depot card or cash for us to create one!

Brecknell Electronic Wheelchair Scale, 1000 lb Capacity $546.49

Cabinet & Counter for Port Day Program site’s Art Room ~ $1400.00 Home Depot Gift Card

Paving or concrete services to fill in about a 2′ X 25′ space along the Port Day Program building

Gift cards, in any amount, for any of these establishments:

Walmart, Costco, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, Stein Garden Center, Amazon, Pizza Hut, Little Caesar’s, Marcus Theatres

Children’s Programs ~ 2020:  (items are available on line at the links provided)

Time Tracker Visual Timer & Clock

Time Timer Plus

Gel Floor Tiles-12 pack (Multi-colored Pack) $529.99

WE Thinkers!  All-In-One Bundle $248.99

Emotion Balls $40.49

LimeLite LED Cube (13″)  $149.99

Peanut Ball (Extra Large, Blue)  $41.99

Magna-Tiles (100 piece clear)  $119.99

Jumper Matt & Card Deck  $159.99